Survey Conclusions – Magic of 20 Minutes of Pranayama with V Sessions

Session Time: March -July 2021
Total Sessions Until the Survey: 92
Sessions Duration: 20-25 Minutes
Total Survey Participants: 12
Age Group: 22 years to 55 years
Sex: 6Males & 6 Females

What is your understanding of the two-letter word – Prana + Ayama?

Breath control

Prana means breath and Ayama means control

Breathe – Management

Pran is life and Ayama is control.

‘Prana’ means breath and ‘Ayam means to control or regulation. So we can say that pranayama is a set of breathing control exercises.

Prana means life force & Ayama means control.

Life + Arrival

Breathing exercises

Regulation on breath

It is breath control. Breath control is the main ingredient for the mental well-being of humans.

Breath exercise or breathwork

Awakening the prana inside of the body

Soul energy regulation with breath.

2. How long do you practice Pranayama daily/weekly?
(71%) pax attend the Pranayama with V session 3-5 times per week.
(14%)people do self-practice for ten minutes daily.
(14%) people do other activities including walking, jogging, and gyming and Pranayama for 3-4 times a week.

3. Do you see Pranayama as  ‘breath exercises’ to keep yourself healthy or as a part of your personal spiritual path, a mindful body-mind-breath integration?
(71%) have been experiencing body-mind-breath integration during Pranayama.
(21%) feel connecting with the breath has activated their spiritual journey.
(28%) feel doing Pranayama has been a mix bag of breath exercises, integration of body-mind and breath, and taking small steps further on their spiritual paths.

4. Do you think you have understood the foundation principle of regulating your breath on a daily basis?
(75%) feel they have understood the foundation principle/technique of mindful breath regulation.
(25%) are still unsure of their understanding of the correct patterns of breath regulation.

5. What brings you to the magic of 20 Minutes Pranayama Session?
(91%) feel that after initial sessions of Pranayama, they genuinely started enjoying spending time with their breath.
(25%) hear news and views around the importance of lungs exercises and feel they should do it.
(33%) find the virtual sessions convenient to attend.
Others: attended few other programs but were able to find their daily rhythm/ routine with Pranayama with V sessions.

6. During, Immediately after, and long after the sessions what all experiences are felt (Options were given)?
High: Energetic, Joyful, Relaxed, Focused, Increased Self Esteem & Confidence, More awareness of body and breath, less anxiety, clarity in thoughts
Moderate: Disciplined, Hungry, Motivated, Slight tension in the neck
Low: Dizzy, Sad, Not hungry, Pressurized, Tension in Body, a sudden burst of anxiety, a crying feeling, cannot explain

7. What is the likelihood of you continuing with a self-guided practice of Pranayama?
(58%) are sure they will be able to keep up with a daily routine of Pranayama at least 4 times a week
(41%) are not sure if they can do a self-guided practice.

8. I have experienced some profound small/ big changes in my body-mind/behavior. (Please specify below)

I have experienced body and mood changes after doing these sessions. I have gotten relief from acidity a few times and relaxation of mind is always there.

It feels good to take some time out of your day and concentrate on your breathing. It clears the mind. I want to practice daily but I don’t, on my own. So, this is a great way to be able to practice pranayama.

My nose was constantly blocked but now I can feel ease in breathing.

It helps me to bring down my stress and relax my body.

I used to have issues with my breathing sometimes. I occasionally used to be short on breath (no trigger point). This was my actual motivation to start pranayama and cure my short breathlessness. it’s working for me.

I majorly attend the pranayama session for daily stress relief and to get calmness in the inner body. I can say that I am able to see the changes and the results are favorable. I am able to gain positive energy through the session. I can see improvement in my senses as well.

I was introduced to the Pranayama session with V, I didn’t have any prior knowledge. To be honest I never took interest in Yoga or any sort of meditation before but when I started with weekly mindfulness sessions, I slowly felt more disciplined and focused in my work. Later on, when I started with the daily Pranayam session one of the major positive things that I felt was the regulation in my breath, earlier whenever I used to do any physical activity I would run out-breath in a minute or two but with after the Pranayam session, my body became quite active and full of energy.

I feel the sessions have helped me relax and sleep better.’

It is really helpful to calm myself, I am able to handle stress and anxiety better. I do other exercises like running/walk, reading Gita but Pranayama has a major role to control your thoughts. I haven’t been able to use Pranayama fully, but want to do more as it is widely recommended.

‘It has helped me stabilize my slight blood pressure issue. It also relaxes me and gives me a strong sense of well-being on the days I practice it. Thank you for hosting this wonderful series. Forever grateful.

‘I have experienced changes in my body-mind.

There is this stability inside where I don’t want to indulge in arguments anymore. I think I have embarked on the journey of self-exploration. I am too young to say this but the journey so far has not been all pretty and just to find the little missing pieces is what I am on.
Some key benefits –
Helped get through covid
It helps me deal with the emotions
I feel calmer


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