Becoming a Yogini on this Women’s Day:)

Women's Day

A YOGINI is Healthier…

According to a study by North central University published in the International Journal of Yoga – Women who do yoga are healthier than the ones who don’t.

This study just reinforces my own personal opinion and experience of regularly practising different aspects of Yoga since last 7 years.

The Yoga Study Participants

Researchers examined data from 211 female yoga practitioners, between 45 and 80-years-old. The Yoginis completed an online survey to assess the effects of practising yoga asana has on body mass index and the amount of medication taken. The researchers compared the results of the yoga group to a control group of 183 women between 45 and 77 with “no prior history of yoga practice.”

The Study Results

  1. Expert Yoginis had a lower body mass index and took less medication as compared to Beginner Yoginis. Infact, beginner yoginis had lower body mass index than people who never practice yoga. There were no signs of obesity in women who were regular Hatha Yoga Practitioners for the last 26 years or more
  2. Yoginis take less Medication than people who never practice Yoga. Researchers found 54% of yoga practitioners take prescription and pain medication, while 77% of people who don’t do yoga take these drugs. Additionally, people who don’t practice yoga are more likely to take “medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, blood thinning, diabetes or pre diabetes, hot flashes, inflammation or arthritis, depression, anxiety, and pain” than both yoga beginners and experts.

This Women’s Day, lets take a step towards holding an Asana, Sharing a Laugh and Enjoying the Bliss of Yoga -Inside and Out.

Happy Women’s Day! 





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