V & protiviti Celebrates the Joy of Womanhood…

8th March 2016, Gurgaon: This  #women’s day was special..Though, each day is a celebration of womanhood in my opinion but few days – well you just feel like ‘earmarking’….

it was just two days before the international women’s day that I received a phone call from Bhavna – a fellow health enthusiast who requested for a wellness time out for the stressed women executives at her workplace as a special give away on behalf of her company on 8th March.. Just a mere mention of her company name made me jump in exhilaration. #protiviti Inc – my Ex -employer..what an opportunity!

Braced with some easy, anytime anywhere quick and effective health recharge tips along with loads of laughter stock, I reached the Internal Audit Advisory’s corporate office in Gurgaon. The organizing team was just a bit sceptical about the participants’ response as something similar to my program was never been tested before. However, to the organizing team’s and my amazement; 50 super women executives not only put up a great audience but kept the session momentum going in full gusto for almost an hour. They held a few asana, shared loads of laughter and reverberated in the joy of coming together for a common purpose of celebrating joyfulness – for no reason at all 🙂

During our candid interactions, these executives shared that while they have the regular health management challenges leading a corporate life, their major concerns were stress and deadline pressures combined with frequent travelling leaving no time to follow a regular exercise routine. I took this as an opportunity to share a few recharge potions from my corporate yogic therapy which can be practised sitting right there on the workstations, while walking or even in the flight. I left the protiviti office with small promises to take simple steps in managing our health better- – inside and out!

Stay Joyful #protiviti

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