What makes me happy right now!

What do you really need right now to be happy? Can you share a personal experience where you felt a true and genuine abiding happiness? Be it as small as getting that much needed cuppa of tea to as important as seeing a wide smile on your child’s face. What is your happy feet trigger right now or what brought that million dollar smile to your face recently?

Well, a very recent incident in my life made me share it here and ask you for your reasons of happiness. Although, happiness is within but some triggers, planned or surprised, always do stretch that smile a little widerrrrr..:)

So, the incident goes like this..

I happened to invite a dear Yogini over tea at my house and she did graciously accept the invite and came, but not alone. Tagging along was her super cute, extremely naughty 3 yr old son who grandly entered the house flashing his killer smile, mind you – I am just a few of his privileged ones to get that smile. While my friend & I got down to talking, the 3 yr old did a complete inspection of my house only to return with my most favourite spectacled, sweet-looking, dumb but best pal, Simon the Chipmunk (i mean, the soft toy) tightly tucked in his arms. With the most genuine doe like eyes, friend’s son looked at her quietly demanding – this is mine and am taking it home.  We let him play with my pal thinking he will eventually forget it while going.  Finally, the time arrived for the boy to go home and this time, he looked at his mother with almost a determined look to take a new friend home. My heart sank (well, we all have our strange liking for some things) as it was tough for me to part ways either with my pal or see the boy leave my house crying. Finally, I chose the first option pacifying myself, the little kiddo has lots of other curly, fluffy and better -looking toys and took away the toy from him. What followed after was thick flow of tears rolling down through those beautiful eyes, lips clenched together and a look which seriously meant – There, I strike you off my friend list!

The boy and mother left , although my friend did reassure me that the boy will forget the incident however I couldn’t. I couldn’t forget the look on the boy’s face. Next day, I sanitized my pal, gift wrapped it and went to friend’s. I insisted on seeing the son, who obviously came after much coaxing giving me exactly the same look as yesterday. I smilingly handed over the gift-wrapped toy to him, he eagerly tore the wrapper and oh boy – What a smile flashed on his face? His tomato red  cheeks became two inches wider and  a sudden sheen quickly appeared in the eyes. He ran back at me and gave the warmest of his hugs (I can bet on that :)) tucked my err now his pal in his back pocket and happily went away to play with his friends. 

This is an everyday incident in our lives but I chose to share it here because that look, the hug and that smile on the little boy’s face brought the warmest and happiest of smile on my own . A feeling of transforming my selfish act eventually to a selfless one cajoled me for the rest of the day.. Just how a simple share and not a special or a big moment / happening became the reason of happiness for my friend’s son and me :)..

Parting with our loved ones or  special things is not always hurtful especially when it leaves behind a feeling of happiness and warmth to cherish for a lifetime!!!

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