Am I angry today?

Is it okay to get angry sometimes? Is anger an outright negative emotion?  Should we not get angry ever? Can there be any positive effects of getting angry too?

Would it not sound like a white lie if someone said that he / she never got angry over something or on a loved one? The truth is, we all get angry and it is perfectly fine to get angry which is upto the harmless level of self or the other person. So, how can anger spark positivity?

A random research on the forbidden topic of ‘anger’ and careful observation of the trait within me made me put down the below as the upside effects of getting angry:

  1. Anger helps in releasing emotions stuffed inside us – We often suppress our feelings of discomfort and unhappiness with a particular situation / person in the notion of avoiding acceptance of it. That suppression eventually leads to more frustration and results in bigger arguments and wider relationship gaps. Anger released at the right time, to convey the feeling to the concerned person / for a situation troubling us deep down acts a coolant to feel light and think through the situation with a fresh perspective.
  2. Anger may save relationships or even make new In the hustle bustle of our lives; we knowingly or naively sideline or overlook relationships with our loved ones thinking we will catch up with them later. The bottom-line is – that ‘later’ starts becoming ‘never’ with time. Anger to shake a situation for a restart or helping the other person realize the oversight is good only if it leads to a positive change. Anger may also aid in redefining a relationship / situation being taken for granted by us.
  3. Anger can fuel self- change – Often anger within the permissible limits helps us in doing a quick or a detailed self -check. What is it that troubles us? What is making us angry? Can we fix the issue right there before it gets worse? How can we ensure that we are better braced up next time for a similar situation or a person’s habit that causes anger? Similar thoughts may find answers after we go through an anger state.
  4. Anger helps us in maintaining a balance of emotions Being always calm, always sane, always balanced in situations is also not healthy as it actually takes us away from the sensitivity of the situation. Some bit of negative inflammation facilitates the balance to the emotional swing.  A swing sliding up and down on both the sides is more realistic than one side forever staying up and the other always touching the ground.

A balance of all emotions is what is needed at the end of the day to maintain our own peace, happiness and improve our relationships with others.

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