Discover your Positive or Negative score!


10-30: Oops! It feels that a rain cloud hangs over your head all day. You have gotten yourself into the habit of seeing things as your fault and you’ ve learned to give up your control in many situations. Don’t be disheartened. Follow simple lifestyle tips given in the blog and see the change coming through. You may even reach out to close friends / life coach to help you adapt a positive change.


30-50:  You try to be optimistic and positive however some situations get the better of you. Identify your triggers for negative thinking and use rational thinking exercises to become naturally more optimistic.


50 and above: Great job! You have a generally positive and optimistic outlook on life. You don’t take things personally and you are able to see that setbacks won’t ruin the rest of your life. Becoming more positive is always good 

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