Ahhhh! Savasana (corpse pose)

After an action packed power yoga class, yoginis collectively sigh  – “Ahhh, Savasana”.

Savasana is a position we know well, stretched out and lying on our backs as if sleeping, but it is said to be one of the most difficult of the poses. B.K.S. Iyengar says that “a perfect savasana needs perfect discipline. It is not only very uncomfortable to the brain, but it makes the body feel like a piece of dry dead wood.”

One of the finest relaxation poses, savasana can be practicsed during the class after sun salutation and floor exercises depending upon the level of practice but every yoga session must end with savasana leaving your body completely relaxed.

The other day, a yogini asked me why is it that she is always instructed to roll and get up from the left side after savasana. There are different theories related to getting up from a particular side. Simply putting, rolling up on the left side helps you remain calm while getting up from the right side is rolling away from the heart leaving less pressure and weight on the rested and open heart.

Whichever side you choose to roll up, do the posture correctly to reap full benefits of savasana…

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