Becoming Mindful – the easier way!

Every Action with Attention changes our reactions to responses in situations.

  1. Mindful Laughing: Laughing Out Loud for a reason or no reason can release the endorphins (happy cells) from the body. Laughing combined with deep breathing helps in better blood circulation in the body and is like mental jogging for the mind. Start with one or two minutes of laughing at least 3-4 times in a week and gradually increase the duration.

Eg: – Laughing when waiting at the traffic signal .

– Laughing while pretending to be on a fake mobile call. 😛

Laughing in the Washroom during the day.

Laughing while taking the shower.

Laughing with family and friends.

  • Mindful Gratitude: This simple exercise can be practiced anytime for 1 minute. Close your eyes. Take 3 deep breaths and calm down. Gently smile and think of someone or something to who you wish to say thanks. With your next inhalation mentally say Thank You and on exhalation, mentally call the name of the person or the thing. Open Your Eyes. Taking a Mindful Break while working in the day for –

Eg: –Thanking the Sun for its abundant light.

Thanking the housekeepers who keep your office space clean.

Thanking a starry lit sky.

Thanking self for staying strong.

  • Mindful Breathing: The permanence and impermanence of our lives is based on our breath. Why not spend a minute in acknowledging its presence? From a long and deep mindful deep breath to an hour of watching your breath, mindful breathing is the simplest way to experience meditation. It is helpful in improving the lungs capacity, boosting immunity, and keeping the body, mind balance.

Eg: – Acknowledge your breath for 2 minutes before getting out of the bed in the morning.

Deep breathing while strolling or walking really works.

Sitting down to just observe your breath for 2-3 times followed by 5 minutes of resting can help ease anxiety. You may even win over popping a tablet to settle your emotions by just pausing and resting.

5 minutes of one breath for one body part mental visualization exercise before sleeping can deeply relax the body and improve sleep.

Just filling up our mental reservoir with loads of techniques and information does not serve any purpose. Making 2-3 mindfulness tools as anchors of our lives can definitely keep us more centered and joyful.



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