2014. healthy. sturdy. go!

I will stop eating chocolates..got to start morning walk…Pens down at 5 pm, Come what may :)..Weekends only with family..and so on..

With new year comes new resolutions, commitments to self & loved ones.  

How it happens – We begin the year on a ballistic note…start slowing down after taking the first few steps in initial months…crawling (read deliberate ignorance :)) sets in  somewhere in the mid -year…the same resolution sounds ‘alien’ to us towards the year ending and we get down to the task of making more resolutions for the next year. Whoever said, “mind is a vicious circle of our thoughts”. 

Well, I am ideating on my own set of new year resolutions for 2014 but planning to change the strategy to success  a bit. Few considerations while I set new goals for myself in 2014 would be:

  1. Setting realistic goals – We can’t do everything and why should we? Set goals which reflect your personality, the real you and not the ones which are influenced by others’ thoughts or ideas. If I cannot solve a math problem, then I cannot. I rather concentrate on improving my writing skills.
  2. Quality and not quantity matters Achieve a little, pause, enjoy it to the fullest and then move ahead towards more.
  3. Time is the key – long term goal setting is always what the schools educate but short term goals have their own charm. Why not enjoy the 500 mtr power run before walking a mile?
  4. See it to Believe it – How about waking everyday and glancing through the power note stuck on the wall charting out your dreams which are aspiring to become a reality?
  5. Self – motivation is the secret dope – Now, setting a goal is easy but following it?? We often look for external motivation from our family and friends to recharge our enthusiasm. Crumbling occurs when the external voices slow down. The challenge lies in motivating self. It is our life and we are the masters of it. Let all external support be an addition to our self motivation
  6. Relaxing is not so bad Often, in our quest to achieve our goals we tense ourselves so much that the whole purpose of it gets lost. I personally believe in ‘cheat days’ 🙂 These cheat days recharge me to strive with more passion and zest to chase my goals.
  7. FAILED!!!!It is OK, there is always another year, another time, more opportune to relish success!

With this in mind, I begin my quest of achieving a few (fully aware of slipping one or two 🙂 ) resolutions of 2014. 

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