Breakfast with Rye!

Breakfast is a very important meal and for me, it makes my mood for the day 🙂  I purchased rye flakes a month back and found them sadly looking at me every morning from inside the glass blue jar until one fine day, I finally decided to do something with them. Experimented something recently and just luved it..can’t wait to have my next rye bowl again!

What you need:

A small bowl of rye flakes (as seen above, you may get a darker variation in the stores).

Soak overnight for faster boiling

1 thin sliced banana

1 finely chopped strawberry

Handful of chopped raisins, include almonds if you like

1 tbsp honey

Preparation Time: (30 mins)

  • For preparing rye flakes,  use one part of rye flakes with three parts of water and cook for around half an hour
  • Drain out the water and put the boiled rye flakes in a wide bowl
  • Add the remaining ingredients to the flakes and mix well
  • Your easy, healthy& nutritious breakfast dish is ready to eat

Some health benefits of Rye

  • Whole grains and high fiber cereals like rye are highly effective in fighting against postmenopausal breast cancer
  • The dietary fiber present in rye benefits the human body in a number of ways. One major property of the fiber is that it binds to toxins in the colon and helps to remove them from the body.
  • The fiber also binds to cancer-causing chemicals or toxins in the colon, aiding in their elimination and protecting the cells of the colon from damage. This way, rye helps in the prevention of colon cancer.
  • The high fiber content present in rye helps to prevent high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and thus, helps with blood sugar control.
  • Rye is a rich source of magnesium
  • Rye promotes weight-loss and prevents obesity.

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