Just for Laughs!

so why do women carry large handbags anyway? :)

Phew!..how to make men understand the concept and necessity of possessing cave sized hand-bags. Every bit of reasoning in this article is like so true to the core..the writer here seems to have closely observed the evolvement of hand-bags in his wife’s closet to write this really tickling piece..worth a read! http://therodinhoods.com/forum/topics/women-large-handbags

Ho Ho Hahaha!

Yesterday’s session at ‘Yoga with V’  was simply electrifying..roars of  ‘Ho Ho Haha’   filled the room when Yoginis tried the Laughter yoga for the first time..It was a delight to see how hesitant smiles quickly transformed into wide laughs, giggles and occasional laughter burst outs…Yoginis indulged in special exercises like Shake Hand Laugh, Milk …

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