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Do you look your vibrant best in Red or does Black brings more confidence to you?  Just how deep is the ocean of colors so are its effects on us, our moods and thoughts.  Different colors have different significances and the ones that we like define our thinking or personality along with the state of our mind and health to some extent.  Colour Meditation is also used for healing,  balancing and aligning of the 7 main Chakras  in our body.

Test: Try out the color meditation therapy at your nearest yoga studio (if it offers) or  you can use a You Tube instructional video.  This one works for me  – Guided Colour Meditation.

Often, we also get recommended to embrace certain colors to enhance our personality, health, relationships and more. See below which colour brings you peace and which ones bring more positivity and luck along with their auras and healing affects. 

WHITE Meditation/Dream: Truth of the highest order. Enlightenment. Energy in its most pure form. Divinity.
Aura: Never a predominate color in the aura unless you are looking at an angel or an ascended master. However a white layer in the aura or a layer with white streaks indicates a person following the will of God and being directed by it.
Healing: Charging the energy field,  bringing peace and comfort, divine light or whole white light entering.
VIOLET Meditation/Dream: Conjures feelings of enchantment, wishes fulfilled, of dreams made fact. Transformation of the self or of some aspect of your life into a higher form. Connecting to your higher self. The “I am God” presence.
Aura: This color in the aura is the highest vibration for the human spirit. A person who is in command of his life and energy. A visionary. Violet with a gold outline is a person who is one with spirit and God and is in service to mankind.
Healing: Connecting to spirit, the opening of the third eye, the clearing of the head, purging the auric field of distortions.
BLUE Meditation/Dream: Blue is the energy of pacification, self protection, sweetness and tenderness, and of loyalty. It represents contentment and reunion with the Earth.
Aura: Blue in the aura represents a teacher or a very sensitive person. They are kind and caring and will do much to help others grow.
Healing: Cooling, calming, restructuring of the etheric level, taking away pain when doing deep tissue work and work on bone cells. Blue also helps to expand a person’s field to connect to his/her life task.
GREEN Meditation/Dream: Taken most directly from nature, these hues often are expressive of constancy, self-affirmation, security, self-esteem, and of deeply rooted pride. A healing meditation may contain green, as it is the color of new growth.
Aura: Green in the aura signals a very intellectual person who may possess healing gifts. At the very least it signals a nurturer personality and one that will do what they can to make another comfortable.
Healing: Charging the heart chakra, balancing the aura, general healing, sometimes charging the aura to ensure well being and health, and to remove illness.
YELLOW Meditation/Dream: Representative of cheerfulness, radiance, relaxation and release from burdens. It is warmth of sunlight, the halo around the Holy Grail. Yellow is hope.
Aura: Yellow, like green also signals a very intellectual person, but this person does not possess healing gifts. They are powerful thinkers, and idea makers.
Healing: Charging the brow chakra, clearing a foggy head.
ORANGE Meditation/Dream: Symbolic of fire, of expanding energy, power and the omnipotence of the sun and the majesty of sunsets. Energy to accomplish ones goals.
Aura: A very ambitions person who needs to succeed and has the energy to do so.
Healing: Charging the auric field, increasing sexual potency, increasing the immunity system.
ROSE Meditation/Dream: In meditation or dreams represents self-love, also resurrection. The color of flesh, of sensuality and emotion, romantic love, and supportive love.
Aura: A person in-love with another or in-love with one’s created environment.
Healing: Subtle healing and love. This energy puts back a sense of self love and self worth.
RED Meditation/Dream: Red represents the will to achieve, energy, intensity, and struggle. It is also appetite, desire, and reproduction. It is life in the “now.”
Aura: People with mostly red in their aura are fiery spontaneous people. They are often fearless, or appear that way. Red’s make good police and firemen and soldiers. Red will also be found in the normal aura for brief periods during great anger or passion.
Healing: Super charging the auric field, burning out cancer, warming cold areas.
GRAY Meditation/Dream: Grey in a dream or meditation signals excessive energy being burnt off. it is also a lifting of intense fear or some life-threatening situation.
Aura: A person who’s life-force is leaking away due to unhappiness, sadness, depression, or illness. With the color black a person with advanced cancer.
Healing: Only used during a healing when excessive energy must be removed because the person can’t handle it.
BLACK Meditation/Dream: In the shinny black variety it is a closing in of energy and resource to protect ones self. The velvet or shinny black is not a negative color to get in a meditation, especially if you are feeling burnt out. A velvet black light opens up the Aura so that it can accept higher colors.
Aura: A dull lifeless black in the aura shows a person who is very far removed from the constructive forces of the universe. With the grey streaks, it shows a person being destroyed by his or her own separation from God. Note: Wearing black is very common and it opens up the human aura to all the other colors. Many students of the occult like to wear black for this reason. Wearing black also protects your energy from leaking out to others.
Healing: The velvet black color is used to bring a patient into the state of grace, silence, and peace with God.
SILVER Meditation/Dream: Silver relates to the moon, the subconscious, and the female aspect of the universe.
Aura: Not a color usually present in the aura in any great quantity.
Healing: Used to purge the auric field and to charge the sixth level of being (karmic level), to remove old karma that is no longer needed.
INDIGO Meditation/Dream: Purple or indigo in a dream or meditation signals  some kind of psychic power or ability or some kind of psychic force.
Aura: In the aura shows a very intuitive person, a person with prepackaged abilities that come from before birth to be used physically in this incarnation. These people tend to be square pegs as far as society and fitting in is concerned. This will change as  more of the current generation is born with this color and takes its place in society.
Healing: The opening up of intuition or of some psychic ability. It is also used to prepare the individual of the entering of the divine spirit.

source: www.wisdomdoor.com

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