Joyfulness Galore@adani Corporate House in Gurgaon

17th April 2016, Gurgaon: A woman is always an axis of her #home, #work, and #family. Hence her role play is multilayered and far more demanding. While it’s a tightrope walk for every working woman, taking out an extra special time for self-well-being is equally important. Women @adani Group managed to take out a time out for feeling extra special with V, where we made our shoulder bags nimble and got off from the constant state of physical, mental and emotional drive we rub in our daily lives by V’s quick recharge potions like #laughing, #exercising, #breathing,#dancing, and sharing the #joyfulness in togetherness…Women are quintessential nurturers and should know how to play their parts with utmost efficacy.

Keep Enjoying your divine design! 

Catch more moments of this session here


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