Take Off like a Crow

* Photo for illustration purpose only

When I first set out to do this pose, it seemed quite tough. Sometimes couldn’t lift my legs together, at other times, I was falling flat on my face (Of course, a protection pad was always kept in the front to prevent me from breaking my teeth :)). mostly my arms couldn’t take the pressure..however, I gave myself about 2 months where I practiced this asana every single day irrespective of the outcome and one fine day (in less than 2 months :)) I finally did it…I lifted myself on the strength of my arms..The posture started with just taking the position and dropping to holding upto a minute now :)..eventually, the protection pad was also whisked away with time. 

How-to: Come into a squat with your feet about as wide as your mat. Plant your palms on the ground under your shoulders, bend your arms slightly, and squeeze your knees firmly around your elbows or upper arms. Rock your weight forward into your hands, coming up high on your toes. Lift your feet off the ground. 

Musts: If you are beginner then practice this pose under the instructor’s guidance and do not forget to place big sized cushions in front of you to avoid risky falls. Keep the pad until you are can fully hold yourself and release with balancing. 

Benefits: Builds strength in your arms (women generally tend to have lower arm strength), inner thighs, and abdomen. Builds focus

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