The Fakir!

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During my last year’s visit to Shirdi (Mumbai, India) with friends, I accidently walked into a local library just before we were scheduled to take Sai baba’s Darshan later in the evening.  The shinning bright cover of this book and the short title caught my fascination at the first look..I drew a chair and decided to flip through this intriguingly looking book…Somehow I couldn’t finish reading and decided to buy it later..At the end of my trip, while I bid bye to my friends, one of them hugged me and handed a brightly packed gift in my hand…I couldn’t wait to open my gift and to my surprise what came out of the pack was – The Fakir!…

Thank You, Megha!…I really cherish the gift…Since then, don’t know how many times have I read and re read the book 🙂

Ruzbeh divides this books into sections of life, faith, GOD, master, meditation, Karma, unconditional love and positivity & surrender. Each section is beautifully depicted with colorful and moving abstract pictures which brings you closer to the topic…What is it that we are searching, does it even exist?…what is our relationship with GOD…rationale behind meditation are just few of questions which get answered after you read this book..

The wisdom and philosophy of The Fakir is in its profoundly transformative and powerful messages. 

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